“When you ride ALONE you ride with Hitler!” U.S. Government Propaganda Poster, 1943.

The massive mobilization for World War II prompted an unprecedented  government campaign to urge the public to conserve resources necessary for the war effort. The federal government was particularly concerned with conserving rubber on the home front after the Japanese military cut off access to rubber plantations in southeast Asia.  Gasoline rationing was seen as a way to reduce vehicle use at a time when more Americans than ever owned and drove automobiles.. This 1943 poster, designed by Weimer Pursell for the Office of Price administration, urges Americans to carpool for the war cause.

What emotions or sentiments are images like these designed to evoke? 


“When You Ride ALONE You Ride with Hitler!” Government Printing Office for the Office of Price Administration, NARA Still Picture Branch (NWDNS-188-PP-42).

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