AudioVisual Teaching Resources

Audio/Visual Resources for Teaching

The Inside Story of Modern Gasoline (1946, Standard Oil)

Birth of an Oil Field (1948, Shell)

Magic of the Atom: The Atomic City (~1950s, U.S. Atomic Energy Commission and the Atomic Energy Project at UCLA)

Duck and Cover (1951, Civil Defense Film)

Atomic Energy as a Force for Good (1955, unknown)

Highway Hearing 1956 Federal Aid-Highway Act (1956, Dow Chemical Company)

Science in Action: Drilling for Oil (1956, California Academy of Sciences)

Live Better Electrically (1957, GE)

Atomic Vets (2016, documentary about 1958, Retro Report) 

Santa Barbara: The Birth of a Movement (~2009, documentary about 1969, Cage Free Productions)

“People Start Pollution, People Can Stop It,” (1971, Keep America Beautiful)

First Earth Day (1970, ABC News)

President Jimmy Carter – Address to the Nation on Energy (1977, Presidential Address)

Three Mile Island (2014, documentary about 1979, Retro Report)

Tennessee Valley Authority photographs in National Archives