Glenn T. Seaborg, “Environmental Effects of Producing Electric Power,” 1969

During his illustrious career, chemist Glenn Seaborg touched almost every aspect of American encounters with nuclear energy. In this congressional testimony from 1969, Seaborg describes nuclear power as the only viable solution to the world’s rapidly expanding energy requirements.

What are Seaborg’s views on the nascent environmentalist movement?

What can his testimony tell us about the ways that experts in the 1960s balanced concerns about the environment with concerns for energy production?


Environmental Effects of Producing Electric Power, Part 1, Before Committee on Atomic Energy Joint, 91st Cong., 1st sess. 84-89 (1969) (Statement by Glenn Seaborg, Chairman of Committee on Atomic Energy Joint).

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Glenn T. Seaborg, “Environmental Effects of Producing Electric Power”

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