E & P Forum, “Oil Industry Operating Guideline for Tropical Rainforests,” 1991.

The E&P Forum (now known as the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers) was founded in London in 1974 as an international trade association and lobbying organization for the global petroleum industry. This 1991 guide for oil drilling in tropical rainforests  emphasizes that resource extraction should proceed with a minimum of deforestation and with respect for the integrity of indigenous communities.

What historical developments in the 1980s and 1990s, particularly related to rainforests, indigenous communities, and energy extraction, might have led the E&P Forum to develop these guidelines? What specific points of concern, such as roadside colonization, were raised by oil extraction in tropical rainforests?


“Oil Industry Operating Guideline for Tropical Rainforests,” E&P Forum, Environmental Quality Committee, Tropical Rainforest Guideline Task Force, London, England, 1991.

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